Best Fitness Tracker for Kids 2021

best fitness tracker for kids

The best fitness tracker for kids allow parents and their children to see first hand data about how often they move throughout the day. Theres no denying it but kids have become more inactive over the past few decades. As more kids develop screen time habits. Having an active lifestyle is essential for balanced wellbeing … Read more

Best Telescope for Kids UK 2021

best kids telescope

The best telescope for kids is easy to use and designed to be the perfect instrument for introducing astronomy to children. We look at the options available for youngsters to take their first steps into star grazing. Knowledge of the solar system is useful and there are Apps available that show were the various star … Read more

The Best Star Wars Lego Sets 2021

Best Star Wars Lego

The best Star Wars Lego set combines the best of two childhood favourites and blends them together to create imagination and fun building time. Although we normally carry out these reviews for and from our kids perspective, I must admit to being a bit of a fan of the original trilogy and have enjoyed the … Read more

Best Sleeping Bag for Kids 2021

best sleeping bag for kids

The best sleeping bag for kids is comfy whilst keeping them dry and warm. Essential for camping trips, caravan and camper van trips. Sleeping bags always come in handy on school trips away. The sleeping bag is essential for a good night sleep as you they will need to be the best temperature for your … Read more

The Best Shampoo for Kids 2021

best shampoo for kids

The best shampoo for kids is a product that cleans their hair without creating a drama by getting into their eyes. As people are concerned with the use of chemicals in products, more parents are asking for natural ingredients for the products that they use on their children’s hair. We look at some of the … Read more

The Best Drone for Kids 2021

Best Drone for Kids

The best drone for kids is easy to fly and almost indestructible. We look at the options available for youngsters to take their first steps into flying drones. It goes without saying that older supervision should be present when operating the drones. The best kids drone we tested was the Potensic D18 which shoots 1080p … Read more

Best Electric Toothbrush for Kids 2021

best electric toothbrush for kids

The best electric toothbrush for kids gets their teeth cleaned with the minimum of fuss. We look at the options available for youngsters to take their first steps into cleaning with an electric toothbrush. The toothbrushes we have looked at are for kids specifically and we have taken a selection starting at age range 3 … Read more

The Best Karaoke Machine for Kids 2021

best karaoke for kids

The best Karaoke Machines for kids will supply endless amounts of singing and music time for your family. Great for kids and family parties a karaoke can show the best (and worst) of vocal talents and supply hours of entertainment. We tested the karaoke machines out on our kids to rate them based on sound, … Read more

Best Kids Wellies 2021

best wellies for kids

The best kids wellies will keep your little ones feet dry and warm when you go exploring through puddles and muddy terrain. Not only must the wellies protect from the wet and mud but they must also be durable and provide comfort when wearing for little feet. We take a look at the best wellies … Read more

The Best Scooter for Kids 2021

best scooter for kids

The best scooter for kids enables them to have fun jetting around whilst also having a safe piece of equipment that allows them to do so. Having fun on two wheels or three wheel is a favourite pastime and can be an ideal introduction to exercise on wheels outdoors. The best scooter is the 3StyleScooter … Read more