As I slurp back my third coffee to keep my eyes awake, I’m having serious withdrawal symptoms of spending time with my wife and child. I thought I wanted to come back for a break but I’m missing the funny faces that my third born daughter is making at the moment. It’s a strange feeling returning to work after paternity leave.

I work for the family business so I’m fortunate to take time off when required but still, the shock of the sleeping pattern with a newborn baby is affecting me.

Getting the brain back into work mode is difficult. Answering the email list that has built up whilst I’ve been off is a daunting prospect and I’m putting off the most trivial of tasks.

My daughter had the sniffles last night and although she slept pretty well, I was awake worried about her and dreading the thought of getting back into work.

I’m also concerned for my wife as she looks after my eldest daughter, she is off college ill. It sounds like we have an unhealthy family but it’s very rare for our eldest to be ill. There is real risk of the newborn catching an illness from her older sister, so as hard it is to be away from her, we have had to set up a quarantine area ( a bit over the top but it’s not worth the risk)

Paternity Leave

The paternity leave its self, has been great. It has allowed us as a family to bond. The last time we had a new-born was over thirteen years ago so it has taken a bit of time to adjust to the baby’s clock. It has been a whirlwind though and days seemed to merge into one another. I really enjoyed going for walk with the baby in her baby carrier. The baby really seemed to enjoy the position and close comfort as she would sleep for hours.

As my wife is breastfeeding I would do the cleaning and cooking allowing her time and energy to spend with the baby to ensure that the breastfeeding works. As I get in I want to have some time with the baby but also I realise that spending all day with a newborn can be tiresome for mum. I will have some quick cuddle time with baby B and then get on with the cooking and try and get a healthy meal into us all. I may then put the baby carrier on around the house or if the weather isn’t too cold, go out for a walk. I’m trying to get a bit fitter.

Maybe because I’m a lot older than when we had previous children it has made me aware of how time-consuming a child can be, especially for the bonding process. I must up my game and help with the household chores.

At least I have home time to look forward to when I can go home for a cuddle with the little one. I can’t wait to finish, roll on 5 pm!

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