When I was a kid, it’s been said that all my mother had to do to get me to go to sleep was put me in front of a washing machine. I must admit the whirring of the machine on the go does make me a bit sleepy still to this day. What is this power of white noise on kids sleep?

So when my newborn baby started to scream after being fed and changed the other night I decided to put the White Noise on kids sleep theory to the test. I have a white noise app on my phone that plays a lot of different noises like running water, thunderstorms, campfire, traffic, waves crashing, plane engine and a load more.

White Noise, the saviour of kids sleep?

A personal favourite of mine is the sound of a fan. Not sure why but that sound gets me off to sleep in no time. I opened the app and set it to the fan sound and within minutes Baby B was asleep. Like some magical hypnotist, I now had some special power. Just call me the baby whisperer.

Determined to show my flabbergasted wife that this was not a one-off, we tried it again the next time that B stirred. This time seconds passed before B was catching flys. This was no one-off and it also helped us to sleep. Win-win. I sometimes wish that the white noise app would work as instantaneously on my wife when she mentions how I’ve stacked the dishwasher the wrong way for the umpteenth time!

Looked online and there is research showing that white noise helps young infants to sleep. A 90’s study of forty newborns showed that 80% fell to sleep within 5 minutes thanks to the sound.

During one of our regular coffee meets where we discuss important things like the world economy, sport and who would win in a height off (this happens more regularly than you would think) I mentioned white noise to co-blogger Gareth. He is a seasoned veteran of the kids sleeping game and mentioned about a special sheep. He and his wife very kindly offered to buy us one as a present to B.

Ewan the White Noise Sheep

Ewan The Sheep

Ewan the sheep has arrived to us, and my wife and I are big fans as well as the baby. The sheep comes with a built-in red light and four different white noise sounds. There is a fan one for me and three others for the baby. The sheep is operated by pressing one of the sheep’s legs and they all play different sounds. A heartbeat/ placenta which is a good one as it mimics the time in the mother’s womb and along with the red light re-creates this experience. The other sounds are a lullaby with a heartbeat,  waves with a heartbeat and my all-time favourite-the fan with a heartbeat.

Fans of the tv series Friends may remember that Joey Tribiani had an attachment with a big penguin. This is now me with the sheep.

In my experience white noise works a treat for both kids and adults. Choose the noise you like and drift off to sleep. The White Noise App is available to download on both Apple and Android devices and will be the best couple of quid you spend. For those wishing to incorporate a cuddly toy, white noise player and night light Ewan the sheep is available on Amazon.

A great article on why White Noise works so effectively on newborn to 1-year-olds 

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