With our previous daughters, I can remember counting down the days to the next milestones. When are they going to smile, laugh, play etc. Maybe that was youth and impatience but now I wish I could slow time down. Our baby daughter is one month old and she has started to smile. That instantly melts my heart. These milestones are coming around too fast my liking. Our first month with baby girl has flown by.

Most friends and relatives comment on how much that our daughter looks like me. She doesn’t, she’s beautiful and perfect in every way (apologies for the bias). There is no way her face resembles mine in the slightest, regardless of what people say.

Things I’ve Learnt in our First Month with Baby Girl:

She loves close contact. At the end of the day after a hard day at work, is there anything better than having a cuddle with your baby. The answer is no unless they are sick or do an unusually messy nappy.

Swaddle is an actual word. It means wrapping the baby up tight apparently. Whether that is in a swaddle sheet or suit. It keeps them in a constant tight position (not too tight) but babies like it because it resembles the time in the womb.

Big fan of babywearing. I look forward to our walks. The close contact along with the exercise has been a revelation. I prefer it to taking her in a pram and it saves with transporting all the bulky items. I use the Baby Bjorn One, so far it has ticked every box and impressed with it.

Set of lungs on her. When baby B gets in full swing of crying, we know about it. Unfortunately for our neighbours and their neighbours, I think they may know about it as well. I am absolutely amazed at how somebody so small can be so loud.

The Peoples Eyebrow

Facial Expressions. Baby B has one wicked frown, a great smile and the big one in our household- the people’s eyebrow. A right of passage is whether your face can make the expression made famous by Dwayne Johnson (pictured). If you can manage it with both eyebrows- you reach legendary status.



Made Up Songs. I think I found my forte in life. If you want a made up song to calm your baby, I’m your man. It may be utter nonsense but they have lyrics and a sort of theme.

Singing Nursery Rhymes in the style of famous artists. Along the same lines as above and I like it. Twinkle Twinkle little star in the style of Elvis has been nailed. Humpty Dumpty in the style of Louis Armstrong is taking its time to develop but I think it may be a winner in the long run.

I can get by on less sleep. Even though the baby is great at sleeping, getting used to less sleep and broken sleep is pretty tough, but you survive. White Noise is a godsend.

Not all babies like dummies. Our previous two loved their mimi’s (I think that how you spell the made-up word for dummy). Not this one though. Spits it right back out at you.

Well, that is a roundup of some of my observations for the first month. We have loved every step so far and it’s amazing how fast they develop at this stage. Its only three weeks on but there are some big differences since the first week.

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