Where did that week go? I can’t really get my head around the fact that our baby was born a week ago. From the moment my wife’s water broke whilst we ate toast for breakfast to the moment she sat next to us now having a bit of a scream because she wants more milk. Here are my thoughts on newborn baby’s first week from a dads perspective.

I’m no stranger to being a parent but there has been a gap of over 13 years since our last child. I will be the first to admit that I have forgotten what taking care of a newborn is like. First thing first, let’s get the biased proud dad bit out of the way- she is beautiful and small. She can also scream, very loudly.

New Born Baby Sleeping Pattern

first week with new born babyThe first observation is that babies like to sleep. A lot. Have a bit of food, a nappy change, then more sleep and then repeat this process lots more times. Sounds like a perfect life to me. The only problem with this is that baby is in a continuous cycle. They have no idea what daytime or night time is yet. It throws you straight into the deep end and you quickly have to adapt to a new sleep pattern. It also makes you feel in a bit of daze. What day is it for example? For someone that is used to getting over 8 hours sleep a night, it can be quite challenging to get used to. Your body and mind does though. The screaming does subside, I keep telling myself.


Breast Feeding Decision.

Babies like to feed every couple of hours. We have made the decision to breastfeed our baby, well my wife has ultimately made that decision. I do admire her for it. I support her as much as I can and it does look painful and tiring. According to all the literature that we have read, it is well worth it for both mother and baby.

Nappies and Poos

Babies poo a lot during the first week. There are various colours from the poo palette. As the baby was two weeks late, the wife was happy to try any old wives tale going if it meant that the baby would appear. I hope that these curries have not had an effect on the baby’s bowel movements. I won’t go into full specifics but some of the results look like a radioactive waste. There has been a lot of nappy changing and I read a book yesterday that mentioned by the end of the second week there will be over 100 nappy changes. I can believe that. Makes sense I suppose. Lots of feeding = lots of waste.

Walking with the New Born Baby

Baby Bjorn Carrier One OutdoorsOne thing that I didn’t want to change with the new arrival was getting out for a walk. Before the arrival, I looked into baby carrying and did some research on the various options. I decided that I would give a baby carrier a try this time around. The memories from my other two daughters involved lots of stress with getting the buggy in and out of cars and taking lots of equipment so a carrier appealed to me.

I have been on a couple of three mile walks around local parks and the lake. I have to report that so far it has been a success. From the moment the baby gets in the carrier until the moment that she gets out she has slept. The carrier also enables me to walk around the house with the baby and carry out simple tasks. The model I went for was the BabyBjorn Carrier One Outdoors. I wanted something that will last a few years, is capable of hiking over distance and is sturdy enough at that time. I’m a big fan at the moment and will keep you updated with future use. If I had my way, I would use this carrier instead of a buggy permanently.

The Main Role As a Dad in the First Week

Being a lot older as a dad on this baby, I’d like to think I’ve matured a bit. Friends and family may tell you differently. The way I see it, especially with a breastfeeding wife is that the role of dad is a supporting figure. After all, the mother has been through a lot giving birth and then sleepless nights and feeding. If I can take care of the unimportant day to day tasks and give her a break from the baby when needed it enables my wife to keep her energy levels up at the times when most needed. I also believe that happy mum equals happy baby. That’s pretty much it for the first week and now I’m off for a cuddle.


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