I think if we are honest, after two weeks of craziness we are all in some way happy to see the kids return to school after Christmas break.  As magical a time as Christmas is, after two weeks of chocolate-fueled mayhem, my kids (party of 4) certainly need returning to the orderly school routine.

The School Run(s)

The routine starts with breakfast, which is in two sittings.  My eldest daughter is in comprehensive school and we eat together at 6:45 am, and I then prepare lunch for her and her two sisters.  At this time my wife is trying to catch up on some sleep after spending the night attending to our 16-month-old son, who over the Christmas period has moved from a virus to ear infection and back again and pretty much decided he can do life without sleep!

After a quick 5-minute car journey to drop my eldest at the bus stop I return to wake her sisters.  This has to be done in a certain order to ensure that the noise is kept to a minimum.  I first wake the youngest (and loudest) and shuffle her downstairs, before waking her sister.  I ensure that they are sat at opposite ends of the breakfast table so that they cannot touch each other and even place cereal boxes across the middle of the table so that they don’t have to look at each other!  This may sound like overkill, but after two weeks together they find it very difficult to look at each other without finding a reason to complain!

One of the best things about being self-employed is that I get to do the school run.  Really this is one of life’s pleasures for me as if I can keep the arguments to a minimum in the house, both daughters skip into school happy; it never fails to start my day off well.  On the other hand, I generally don’t tend to pick the girls up from school, but as it is their first day back (and I have some of the January blues myself) I decide that today I will pick them up also.  Big Mistake!!

Organised Chaos

I collect the little angels from their teacher….and they look tired.  They start moaning about ’anything and everything’ as we get to the car.  Once strapped in the youngest decides that the eldest needs a shove as she is a bit too close.  Her sister replies with a shove of her own and before I reach home chaos has reigned and its turned into something from WWE!  We are reliably informed that the kids are well behaved in school and I have never had to be called back because of their behaviour.  It must be something to do with having to be good all day – they come home and think, ‘Right, no more miss nice girl!’

An evening of anarchy looms as I wonder to myself…….what possessed me to come home early on this of all days!

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