Best Telescope for Kids UK 2021

The best telescope for kids is easy to use and designed to be the perfect instrument for introducing astronomy to children. We look at the options available for youngsters to take their first steps into star grazing.

Knowledge of the solar system is useful and there are Apps available that show were the various star constellations and planets are located.

A useful book is 50 Things to see through a Telescope for kids.

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Kids Telescope Comparison

Kids TelescopeFinder ScopeAperture
Emarth Telescope for KidsYes70mm
Bebang TelescopeYes70mm
EcooPro Telescope for KidsYes70mm
Uverbon TelescopeNo50mm
Telmu Kids TelescopeNo50mm

1. Emarth Telescope for Kids

The Emarth telescope is an ideal entry level telescope for kids and beginners to astronomy.

First up, it very easy to set up. This ensures that kids don’t lose interest immediately.

The spotter scope is ideal for positioning on areas of the night sky before adjusting focus on the main telescope. The Moon is an ideal place to start practicing and focusing.

The magnification is 5x to 128x which is great for a beginner telescope. The telescope comes in a blue colour and looks great.

It is supplied on a tripod stand so can be positioned somewhere like the kids bedroom to encourage use. This can be a bit unstable when fully extended.

The main features of the Emarth Telescope:

  • Equipped with BAK-4 Prism for increased image clarity
  • 70mm Aperture
  • Easy to adjust
  • Superb for kids and beginners

This is an ideal gift for kids who interested in the wonders of space and show interests in science.

2. Bebang Telescope

This starter telescope for kids is supplied with a host of extra accessories.

For instance the telescope includes a phone adapter mount which will help to engage. This is possible by downloading various apps which show in real time where the various constellations and planets are.

It also links to the phone with a supplied wire that can take photos of what you are seeing so that you can share with friends and family.

It is also supplied with four different moon filters which allows users to explore the moon surface in differing colours highlighting different features.

The telescope has a sighting tool attached and is also supplied with two different eyepieces and a user manual.

For a beginners telescope it has outstanding clarity with HD eyepieces and optical zoom.

Main features of the BeBang Telescope:

  • 16x-66x Magnification
  • 400mm focal length from 70mm objective lens
  • Light weight ensures easy to carry
  • Ideal for spotting planets, the moon but also wildlife
  • Enhance brightness form coated glass optics

The Bebang is supplied with a large extendable tripod for it to be positioned on. Ideal for setting up in front of a window.

It is robust and very easy to assemble so perfect for the first time astronomer.

This is an ideal Christmas or birthday gift for the space loving child.

3. Ecoopro Kids Telescope

The Ecoopro is a perfect first time telescope for kids. It is an ideal gift for birthdays and Christmas.

It can be positioned on the supplied tripid mount and can moved easily with the aid of the pan handle.

Using the finder scope it makes it easier to find places of interest.

A handy map of the moon is supplied with the telescope.

The kids enjoyed using this telescope and it looks great.

Main features of the Ecoopro Telescope:

  • 360mm focal length and 70mm aperture
  • Fully coated optical glass for high transmission
  • Telescope can be used for wildlife spotting in daytime
  • Two different eyepieces or varying magnification
  • HD clarity

Not only can kids use this but adults who are just showing an interest.The tripod can be raised to average adult heights and dropped back for the kids.

Ideal for looking out at the moon.

4. Uverbon Telescope

For a budget basic telescope, this is a good choice. An ideal introduction to Astronomy without forking out a lot of cash.

Don’t get us wrong you probably won’t be discovering any new stars with this but to get kids interested in space it is ideal as a starter kit.

The telescope is supplied with two eyepieces of varying magnification and special additional piece just for looking at the moon.

Main features of the Uverbon Telescope:

  • Ideal first telescope
  • Easy assembly
  • Coated optics enhances brightness and clarity
  • Two differing magnification eye pieces
  • Tripod stand

A great idea for a birthday or Christmas present to encourage an interest in the cosmos.

5. Telmu Kids Telescope

The TELMU telescope has been designed especially as a starter kit for kids.

Not only can it be used for star gazing but can be used to look at wildlife and out to sea, mountainous areas and more.

It is easy to set up straight from the box and the telescope is easy to move around.

The tripod does a job but can feel a bit unstable.

The main features of the Telmu Kids Telescope:

  • Designed with beginners in mind
  • Hours of educating entertainment
  • Sturdy tripod holder
  • Dew and Dust Shields

For a general introductory product this is an excellent choice of kids telecope.


Telescopes are great way of engaging the minds of kids and letting them explore the wonders of space.

There are unique events happening all the time in night sky, we just hope the clouds clear to give us a great view of our solar system.

With the aid of a telescope we can help kids learn more about the planets and star of our solar sysstem as well as teaching the various constellations.

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