The Best Scooter for Kids 2021

The best scooter for kids enables them to have fun jetting around whilst also having a safe piece of equipment that allows them to do so.

Having fun on two wheels or three wheel is a favourite pastime and can be an ideal introduction to exercise on wheels outdoors.

The best scooter is the 3StyleScooter RGS-2 which is a three wheel system that allows a speedy stable ride.

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Kids Scooter Comparison

3StyleScooters® RGS-2 Kids5+6
BELEEV 2 in 1 Scooter for Kids3+3
AOODIL Swing Scooter Adjustable 3 Wheels6+3
BIKESTAR Kick Scooter with brakes7+7
Bopster 2 Wheeled Folding5+4

The Best Scooter for Kids

1. 3StyleScooters® RGS-2 Kids

The three wheel scooter model is an ideal product for kids aged 5 and above.

The wheels light up when riding which the kids love.

The scooter can be folded down to provide more space when storing in the home, shed or garage.

It has an easy brake system that enables a swift stop when needed.

The height of the handlebars starts at 52cm and adjust until 80cm.

The weight limit is 50kg.

The main features of the 3StyleScooters RGS 2 are:

  • Light-up LED Spin & Flash wheels
  • Tilt to turn system
  • Lightweight and Portable
  • Adjustable height settings that grows your child
  • Available in a range of 6 colours

This particular scooter is ideal for 5-8 years. Other models are available designed to fit the needs of younger children RGS1(ages 3+) and older kids RGS3(ages 7+)

The kids loved this particular model because of the colours, control and lights and we were impressed by the build quality.

2. BELEEV 2 in 1 Scooter for Kids

This scooter is a two in one scooter that doubles as a bike for toddlers with built in pulled down seat section.

It is designed for 3-14 year old but we find it hard to believe that a 14 year old would be interested in scooting around on this as its looks as though its designed for younger kids.

The scooter is a lean to turn system and turning is enabled by the child’s weight leaning to one side.

Main features of the Beleev 2 in 1:

  • Adjustable scooter that grows with your child
  • Removable seat section that doubles as a bike
  • 2 large flashing wheels and one smaller rear flashing wheel.
  • Well built but light to carry
  • Lean to steer system

Younger and older kids loved to go on this scooter. Its a great looking and fun to ride(kids words). It looked simple to operate and the brake was easy to use.

It’s sturdy but light enough to carry when they have exhausted little legs. A good option for 3 years plus.

3. AOODIL Swing Scooter Adjustable

The Aoodil Swing Scooter is a wiggle style scooter that gains extra momentum by wiggling the scooter from side to side. For this reason its aimed at children aged 6 year and above.

The max user weight is 220 ibs so it can occasionally be used by adults and we can confirm that they are a bit of fun even if we looked a bit strange zipping back and forth.

The main features of the Aoodil Swing Scooter are:

  • For 6 years old up to adult
  • Lever Brake
  • Can be used to create advanced moves
  • Easy to change direction with handle design.
  • Folds down for ease of storage.

Sturdy steel and plastic design.

This is great fun for all ages and you can pick up a fair amount of speed on better terrain. A good choice for older kids.

4. BIKESTAR Kick Scooter with brakes

As the name suggests the bikestar kick scooter has larger wheels that replicate bike wheels that enable the user to carry out tricks.

The braking system gives extra security knowing that scooter can come to a quick stop.

As the tyres are large it allows for more grip over regular scooter wheel due to the surface area. This is a good thing especially when the surface is wet.

It is supplied with a handy kick stand that allows is to be kept standing when not in use.

It is designed for older children of 7 years old up to adults.

Main Features of the Bikestar Kick Scooter:

  • Made from durable and sturdy steel
  • Finished in metallic paint finish
  • Fitted with rear and front brake, mudguard and air tyres
  • Available in 6 colours
  • Easy & Durable steering

The scooter arrives about 90% assembled and the remaining took about ten minutes to get it up and running.

This is an excellent choice of scooter for older kids and fun to use.

5. Bopster 2 Wheeled Folding

The Bopster folding scooter is a stylish classic two wheeled scooter with flame styled decals.

The scooter is designed for kids aged 5-14 years old, the maximum user weight is 100kg.

The wheels are 120mm PU which help you zip along.

Main features of the Bopster 2 Wheeled Folding Scooter:

  • Lightweight weighing in at 2.8kg
  • Lever clip holds the scooter in position when folded for cleaner storage at home or car.
  • Height adjustable handlebar. From 62cm to 84cm
  • Available in four different colour schemes
  • Rear wheel lever brake

For those looking for a fun classic scooter this is the model for you.


Scooters are an excellent outdoor activity that will keep kids entertained for days out.

They are also beneficial for health.

Available in a range of sizes it is important to check the sturdiness of the materials and to what heights and ages they are designed for.

The scooters we have recommended are available at different budgets and for different age ranges.

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