Best Kids Advent Calendars UK 2021

The best kids advent calendars provide a fun way to count the days for Christmas whilst also supplying a surprise item behind each new day.

Some are more extravagant than others and are one-off treats whilst others are timeless classics.

We look at the options available for youngsters up to teenagers to suit a range of budgets.

Our Top Rated Advent Calender

The one advent calendar our older kids enjoyed the most was the Lego Harry Potter and the younger kids loved the Playmobil Christmas in the Forest.

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Comparison of Kids Advent Calendars

Advent CalendarThemeSuitable for Ages
Lego Harry PotterFestive Harry Potter Lego7 Years Plus
Playmobil 123 Christmas In The Forest Playmobil18 Months Plus
Funko 49668 POP Advent CalendarNightmare Before Christmas funko3 Years Plus
CRAYOLA 04-0613-E-000Crayola Christmas Countdown4 Years Plus
Peppa Pig 07136Peppa’s Christmas Countdown3 Years Plus
Bic Advent CalendarBIC Writing/ Colouring Countdown3 Years Plus
Barbie GFF61 Christmas Advent CalendarBarbie Doll and Accessories3 Years Plus
L.O.L. Surprise #OOTDWinter Disco LOL3 Years Plus
Paw Patrol Advent Festive Paw Patrol3-5 Years
Hot Wheels Advent CalendarFestive Cars3 Years Plus

The Best Kids Advent Calendar

1. Lego Harry Potter Advent Calendar

The Harry Potter Advent Calendar by Lego offers three different fun packed options in one package.

First its an Advent Calendar and who doesn’t love one of them? Even in my forties it still gets me in the festive spirit in the run up to Christmas.

Second it’s Harry Potter and my inner geek also loves this and the kids have grown up with it.

Third its Lego and what more needs to be aid about that. Endless hours of playing for the kids and us big kids.

I must admit from my perspective its a tough call between the Lego Star Wars Calendar (my wife actually bought this for me a few years ago and loved it) but the Harry Potter version got the interest of the kids so takes the number one spot.

Features of the Lego Harry Potter Advent Calendar:

  • 305 pieces to build with
  • Variety of Harry Potter Lego characters
  • Christmas themed
  • Alternative to Chocolate Snack

It is a well thought out collection of Harry Potter-themed Lego and someone who has an interest in the series obviously had the final say on the contents.

The contents if kept safe can be brought out each year to add to festive play.

If your kids (or big kids) are into Harry Potter and Lego then this ticks all the boxes to start the Christmas period.

2. Playmobil 123 Christmas In The Forest

For younger kids is this Christmas in the Forest by Playmobil 123.

the box includes 4 Playmobil figures ad the rest are forest animal and forest objects that allows the kids.

Our two year old sat and played with the toys in this set everyday and are great to include in your box of Playmobil stash for everyday play as well.

Features of the Playmobil Advent Calendar:

  • For Ages 18 months plus
  • Christmas figures and forest animals set
  • 28 pieces including 4 figures, 23 accessories and Calendar
  • Includes Father Christmas and reindeer sleigh
  • Collectable items ideal for young kids

Encouraging play in the run up to Christmas, this calendar is a great option for young kids.

3. Funko Nightmare Before Christmas

Fora more unusual take on the list this advent calendar has only recently been announced for 2020 and already looks set to be a top seller.

Based on Tim Burtons film the Nightmare Before Christmas the collection will include mini Funko figures to keep and collect. Obviously we haven’ had a chance to have a hands on with this version yet but it is set to be a popular choice with surprise charchters to keep.

  • Nightmare Before Christmas Funko Characters
  • Includes Jack, Sally oogie Boogie and Dr Finkelstein
  • Festive Funko collection
  • 24 different surprises

Funko have recently release excellent advent calendar versions of Marvel, DragonballZ, Harry Potter and more. We expect this version to be no different!

4. Crayola Christmas Countdown

This Crayloa Christmas themed calendar is ideal for the kids aged 3 and over.

Keeping them entertained with 24 different daily tasks and some impressive items behind each window.

Crayola Calendar includes:

  • 24 daily activities
  • Crayola tools to complete it
  • Includes crayons, felt tip pens, paints and glue
  • Ideal for getting kids into drawing, painting and crafts.
  • Festive themes

It is a large calendar that offers good value for money and encourages creative play.

5. Peppa Pig Advent Calendar

No matter what it seems kids these days have a Peppa Pig phase. Our kids were obsessed and this calendar will certainly go down well for the Peppa obsessed kids in your life.

Peppa Pig Calendar features:

  • Behind each of the 24 windows is a Peppa Pig Toy
  • Includes a selection of Peppa and her Friends
  • Includes Peppa, George, Rebecca, Danny, and more
  • Christmas accessories-includes Santa
  • Create Peppa Christmas adventures

Suitable for kids over three years old due to small parts.

Our three year old loved this calendar and was excited to open each window.

6. BIC Advent Calendar

This calendar is perfect for encouraging art and crafts for youngsters. Suitable for kids aged three years and over.

It comes with cards, stickers, pens pencils and everything needed to draw festive artwork

Features of BIC Advent:

  • Includes felt pens, colouring pencils, crayons, erasers, stickers and more
  • Includes 1 BIC 4 Colours Shine pen and 2 BIC Cristal Fun ballpoint pens, in festive colours.
  • Glue, mini rubber and pencil included
  • 24 coloured cards and 20 stickers encourage kids to make Christmas Cards.
  • 6 BIC Kids Magic felt pens, 6 BIC Kids Evolution colouring pencils and 4 BIC Kids Plastidecor crayons

This really is suitable for kids of all ages above the age of 3 and come packed full of art and crafts.

7. Barbie Christmas Calendar

For kids into their Barbie is this themed advent Calendar. The accessories give Barbie a festive look.

Features of the Barbie Christmas Calendar:

  • 24 days of surprise gifts for holiday fun
  • ​Kids discover Barbie doll on day one
  • The remaining days provide clothing and accessories to dress up.
  • ​Festive fashions for Barbie doll
  • ​More than 10 accessories and more surprise
  • ​Kids will also find a child-sized ring with a silvery and pink heart that they can wear when they dress up

Our younger daughters loved dressing up the doll and adding pieces each day.

8. L.O.L Surprise Winter Disco

This L.O.L collection includes a winter disco theme. It is suitable for kids aged three and above due to smaller items.

The calendar comes with one L.O.L figure and the rest of the windows come with dress up accessories.

Features of L.O.L Surprise Winter Disco Calendar:

  • Unbox 25+ surprises with L.O.L. Surprise! #ootd outfit of the day winter disco!
  • Includes 1 exclusive L.O.L. Surprise!
  • 24 exclusive L.O.L. Surprise! fashion pieces, including outfits, shoes, and accessories.
  • Mix & match fashions for endless Combinations

Comes with the figure Snow Jamz and a collection of winter disco outfits.

9. Paw Patrol Advent Calendar

For Kids who are into their paw patrol comes this countdown to Christmas. Each day there is a unique winter themed paw patrol item.

The advent calendar encourages creative imagination play.

It includes Skye, Chase, Marshall, Rocky, Rubble, Zuma, and Everest.

Features of Paw Patrol Advent Calendar:

  • 24 Gifts that are festive or paw patrol related.
  • Collectable figures and accessories
  • Creates a snow day scene in adventure bay
  • Ideal for kids aged 3 years and over
  • Includes: 24 Collectible Pieces

This is the 2019 version.

For younger children who are obsessed with Ryder and the gang, this calendar will get kids in the festive mood.

10. Hot Wheels Advent Calendar

This advent calendar is ideal for kids who are into their cars, especially hot wheels.

The cars are die-cast hot wheels whilst the accessories are plastic.

It is a good value advent calendar.

Features of Hot Wheels Calendar:

  • Christmas-themed with a daily hot wheels surprise
  • ​Countdown to Christmas car style
  • For kids of all ages
  • Collect 8 decorated Hot Wheels vehicles and 16 accessories
  • ​The advent calendar now includes a foldout playmat

For car enthusiast kids of all ages this a superb choice of advent calendar.


Advent Calendars have developed into a pre-Christmas countdown treat. They have moved on from the bits of cardboard to chocolate and now act as a present every day in the run-up.

There are options available for all budgets but remember not to stretch yourself. The true meaning of Christmas is spending it with friends and family but if you do have spare money available to treat your kids there are some great options available.

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