The Best Karaoke Machine for Kids 2021

The best Karaoke Machines for kids will supply endless amounts of singing and music time for your family.

Great for kids and family parties a karaoke can show the best (and worst) of vocal talents and supply hours of entertainment.

We tested the karaoke machines out on our kids to rate them based on sound, features, portability and durability.

For Children, the best Karaoke machine is the Singing Machine SMK250BG which is purpose-built with younger members of the household in mind.

Kids Karaoke Comparison

Karaoke MachineSuited AgeMains or Battery
Singing Machine SMK250BG6+Both
DYNASONIC Portable Karaoke Bluetooth Speaker8+Battery
Singing Machine SMK10103+Both
Vtech 165863 Kidi Super Star6+Battery
DC Super Hero Girls Portable Karaoke5+Battery

The Best Karaoke Machine for Children

1. Singing Machine SMK250BG Bluetooth

The Singing Machine SMK250BG is a Karaoke machine specifically built for kids.

It is aimed at kids aged 6 and above.

It has Bluetooth streaming so that music can be streamed through the device using your subscription to Spotify, Amazon Prime, Apple music and more. Youtube has a whole host of songs with lyrics to use.

The unit is supplied with a 4 Watt speaker which is loud enough with damaging small ears.

The volume can be adjusted from your mobile device.

It is supplied with one karaoke microphone but there another input for adding a further microphone for duo singing.

To further add to the singing experience the machine is supplied with mood lighting which changes to the sound of the music being played.

Main features of the Singing Machine SMK250BG:

  • Streams Bluetooth
  • Built-in stereo surround speakers
  • Can be operated from mains and batteries
  • Mood lighting which changes with the music
  • Two microphone jacks

If using this as a portable option don’t forget the batteries, it takes 8 x C Size.

The Singing Machine SMK250BG is a great option for using around the home or to take away with your family on trips.

2. DYNASONIC Portable Karaoke Bluetooth Speaker


This portable Karaoke by Dynasonic has a whole range of features.

It has a rechargable battery which saves on buying endless amounts of batteries.

It arrives with a colourful design which the kids liked.

It can just be used as a portable speaker thanks the bluetooth connectivity and built in FM radio. If you have music stored on USB or SD card there are also input option for these.

Main Features of the Dynasonic:

  • Supplied with two microphones
  • Operates over Bluetooth from mobile devices and computers
  • Option to use usb and micro SD card reader
  • Easy to move around
  • Built in FM radio

This is an ideal machine for kids who are into their music. The different options available to play music through it make it useful for a standalone speaker.

3. Singing Machine SMK1010

Another offering from Singing machine, this time in the form of the SMK1010 model.

This is a pedestal version with two microphones.

A great option for kids aged 3 and above.

Streaming from bluetooth over your mobile or laptop you can use any streaming device and platform.

Some of the options on this model that differ to to the other machines is that it is supplied with a recording function that allows kids to record up to three minutes of the singing antics and then play it back.

There is also a voice changing feature which come with six different effects including chipmunk and robot. Kids love this stuff.

Key Features of Singing Machine SMK1010 Bluetooth:

  • Streams over Bluetooth from supported devices
  • Voice changing fun effects
  • Recording and playback available
  • Can use wired input for music from devices
  • Supplied with two microphones for duets

The pedestal is adjustable in height from 74cm to 102cm so grow with your child.

The unit can be karaoke unit separated from the pedestal making it portable (requires batteries) but this enables you to take on trips away and in the car.

4. Vtech 165863 Kidi Super Star

The VTech Kidi Super Star is a pedestal style microphone toy.

The unit comes with eight songs built in so no external device is necesary for your kids to start singing their hearts out.

It also comes with magic mode which removes or reduces the vocal out of the song so that they can either sing along or become the main star!

The disco lights are a fun feature that change to the sound of the music as it is played.

Main features of the VTech Kidi Super Star Toy:

  • Adjustable pedestal style microphone
  • Disco lighting that changes to the sound of the music
  • Record singing performances
  • Ideal for kids aged 6 plus
  • Includes 8 built-in songs and voice changing effects.

The unit has a recording function so that they can perform on the device then playback for the family to critique and enjoy.

Another fun feature is that an audience sound effect can be played over the top so your kids (or yourself) can imagine playing in front of their adoring fans.

For a fun musical toy this is an a popular choice.

5. DC Super Hero Girls Portable Karaoke

This DC Super Hero Karaoke has been designed with super hero mad kids in mind.

It is supplied with one mircophone but there is another input to add a second if required.

It can be powered from the mains or made portable

The unit is very sturdy and durable and is perfect for kids who love to sing.

The superhero theme is perfect for kids who are interested in this.

The unit is fully portable but will require 6 x C batteries

Main features of the DC Super Hero Girls Karaoke:

  • Built-in flashing lights
  • Dual input for two microphones
  • Portable (needs batteries though)
  • Music input from aux plus device(not included). Use Mobile, tablet.
  • DC superhero-themed

The only downside is that this isn’t bluetooth enabled as it would offer further streaming options but for those who have a large back catalogue of CDs it is a perfect choice.

Ideal for playing around the house or in the garden


A karaoke machine is the perfect way to satisfy your children’s need to explore their music capabilities.

Kids love to sing so a machine that can record and playback will add to their enjoyment.

It is also a handy device for entertainment at adult parties as well!

Most models double up a standalone speaker output which allows playing of music without the singing.

The recommendations here are suited for a range of budgets, before purchasing a machine ensure that you can tolerate hours of singing!

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