The Best Drone for Kids 2021

The best drone for kids is easy to fly and almost indestructible. We look at the options available for youngsters to take their first steps into flying drones.

It goes without saying that older supervision should be present when operating the drones.

The best kids drone we tested was the Potensic D18 which shoots 1080p images, folds to a compact size and comes with a spare battery. An ideal starter drone for the family.

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Kids Drone Comparison

DroneCameraBattery Life
Potensic D18 Foldable Drone Yes8-10 minutes
4DRC Mini Drone for KidsNo9-10 minutes
BOBOO RC Drone for KidsNo10-11 minutes
JoyGeek 720P HD DroneYes15 minutes
SIMREX X300C Mini DroneYes8-10 minutes

The Best Drones for Kids UK

1. Potensic D18 Foldable Drone

The Potensic D18 Foldable Drone is an ideal starter aerial device for your kids. The drone is small enough to fit in a hand.

It is made from high quality tough materials that are tougher to break should there be an accidental crash.

The drone has two speed settings which can be altered on the experience for the user. A slower setting for beginners and a faster setting for those who are more comfortable operating a drone.

This model drone is easy to operate and remains stable owing to its air pressure height hold.

An onboard camera shoots in 1080p quality producing decent enough images for kids to experiment with shooting videos and images

Main features of the Potensic D18 Drone:

  • Folding Design- Compact to carry to locations
  • Easy to Control- Ideal for kids as their first introduction to flying drones
  • Real time video by Wi-Fi.
  • Safety features such as return to landing spot if lost connection
  • Good battery life

Kids and adults will have an opportunity to fly the drone when out and about as the unit is supplied with two batteries each with a life of 8-10 minutes.

The kit includes the drone, remote control, set of propellers, propeller guards, a phone holder, usb cable and instructions.

We found this drone to be an enjoyable introduction into flying and is great for kids to take their first steps under supervision.

2. 4DRC Mini Drone for kids

The 4DRC Mini Drone is another great choice as an introductory unit for kids and adults taking their first steps into aerial control.

The drone itself is simple to use and comes with one key take off and landing and has an emergency stop feature.

We liked that it has three speed settings and allowed the kids to get comfortable with flying then progress. It holds itself at the same altitude when the remote is released

This drones flips 360 degrees to perform stunts and is so compact that it fits into the controller it self.

Features of the 4DRC Mini Drone:

  • Total 30 minutes fly time as the unit is supplied with three batteries
  • Onboard 720p HD camera
  • Small compact design means it is portable enough to take away everywhere.
  • 3 speed settings- low, medium and high
  • Very simple to use

The drone can be controlled on the smart phone by tapping a trajectory setting on the screen. Its durable and the materials mean it stands up to the odd accident that may happen.

The kids liked this drone due to its simplicity and size. I liked it because of its safety features and the ability to increase the speed settings when they were more competent at flying. A great starter drone.

3. BoBoo RC Drone

This BoBoo remote control drone is more of a model for flying and getting used to controls. There is no camera on board this unit.

The drone holds the altitude when remote is released both indoors and outdoors. It can also be flown in a headless mode so that you don’t need to know what direction the drone is facing.

It has three speed settings which allow beginners to experiment then advanced through the settings as confidence increases.

The main features of the BoBoo RC Drone:

  • Simple to use, takes off and land
  • Can flip 360 in 4 different direction, great for stunts
  • One key return means that the drone doesn’t get lost
  • Great starter for kids
  • Durable-Designed to prevent breaking in the event of collision

The unit has bright led lights which help to keep track of the drone.

This unit is a great choice for kids as it isn’t technically challenging and is built for progression.

4. Joygeek 720p HD

This mini drone by Joygeek in an enjoyable introduction into the world of aerial video capture.

It is a simple drone to use and fly and this is aided by hover at altitude function which is ideal for kids to use. The

The drone is durable in design and is made from high quality plastic

The main features of Joygeek 720p HD:

  • WiFi Video Transmission real time in 720P HD
  • 15 minute of fly time
  • Simple to use and operate
  • Durable design
  • Stable when in use

It can be operated by trajectory flight mode which enables footage taking to be made simple. it shoots 720P HD.

It can flip 360 degrees in multiple direction.

A great start drone.


The Simrex X300C is a great starter drone with full HD video footage

It has three speed modes so that it allows progression of use through confidence.

It can be operated by remote control or smart phone

Main features of Simrex X300C:

  • Compact foldable design
  • Stunts can be made with 360 degree flips and rolls
  • Holds altitude
  • HD 1080P video recording
  • One key return and 3 speed modes

It only takes one key to take off and land.

Another great choice for kids to start out in the enjoyable hobby of drones.


Drones have become very popular over the past few years. The smaller compact units have become more affordable and they are durable enough to withstand the odd accident that may happen.

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