We decided to get away to the Pembrokeshire coast last weekend for 2 nights away in one of our favourite places, Tenby. Seeing as though this our third child you would think we are dab hands at this type of thing. We must have quickly forgotten the military operation required to go on our first trip away with the baby.

For somebody so small there is one hell of a lot a luggage to accommodate the little girl. See exhibit A, taken just before we left and this doesn’t include everything we took.

Items needed for trip away
Exhibit A

What Items Were needed:

  • Carrycot
  • Bedding
  • Nappy changing bag with all the usual items.
  • Pushchair and attachments
  • Car seat
  • Shaun the Sheep
  • Toys
  • A million baby grows and vests
  • Baby carrier
  • Steriliser
  • Kitchen Sink


We decided to go on the small break in a shared house with other family members to test going away with the little one as we are due to go on a break abroad later in the year.

I’ll whisper it quietly and touch wood but Baby B is generally settled in her day to day routine and has got into a good sleeping and feeding pattern as she hits the two-month mark. This isn’t a boast because we have had two other daughters who have behaved differently at this stage. It was just to highlight the fact that we were comfortable enough to take her on the first long journey.

We were mindful of the fact that the total journey time would be about an hour and a half so we would break the journey up to allow feeds and a wriggle around away from the car seat. It also allowed us to get our fix of coffee.

Getting Around

 The weather was dry but with a biting chilly wind for the whole weekend. We decided to take both the pram and baby carrier. I’ve mentioned before but I’m a big fan of the baby carrier as it allows both bonding and a fitness boost.

Tenby has some stunning sandy beaches to go for some great beachside walks. We were apprehensive as the weather was so cold with the wind chill factor. We decided to test a small walk in the carrier and me wearing a large coat over the top to protect baby B from the elements. She wasn’t fazed at all and was comfortable so we went on large walks over the two days.

All in all the trip was a success. I do think that the familiarity of home and routine was knocked out of sync and she became a bit fractious a few times but nothing too over the top. It was a good test to the larger trip abroad later on in the year. We’ll report back on Project Abroad later in the year. Does anybody have a spare RAF Hercules for rent?

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