Back in 2000 and 2004 when I became a dad with my first daughters I have memories of moving house every time we wanted to go out with the babies. We had a massive baby stroller that wasn’t the easiest item to collapse and then re-assemble, plus the baby seat was a right royal pain in the behind. It was time-consuming and for my younger impatient self, a daunting prospect. As a middle-aged father, I’m keen on baby carrying for fitness and bonding.

Roll on 17 years and the rigmarole of going out with the baby has become less stressful. For starters, we are lucky enough to have an Isofix attachment in our family car which is ten times faster than strapping in with a seat belt. I no longer break into a sweat wrestling the pram and then a seatbelt.

Decision to Use a Baby Carrier

Baby carrier Woodland WalkWhen my wife became pregnant with our third child, I was over the moon. I didn’t want our regular walks to stop and had seen a few articles in some magazines that show that baby carrying was becoming more popular.

If it was possible to scrap the pram for the times I wanted to walk I could see this as a great alternative.


On the net, I researched the various options available. My wife wanted some sling thing but I must admit I didn’t fancy the look of it. We did have one as a present but we are yet to use it, but I may try it out as a comparison.


In the end, I decided on the BabyBjorn One Outdoors. The reason being, I wanted something that would last a while, they advertise that it should be suitable until they are 3 years old. It also had to be weatherproof and suitable for walks on mountains and in the countryside. I also liked the sporty look of the carrier.

Using the Baby Carrier

I have used the carrier for a variety of walks. With limited time after work, I have been trying to combine the extra weight on a walk just so that I can clock up some exercise time. There can be a bit of movement especially on walks with uneven terrain but it doesn’t seem to affect the sleeping baby.

The carrier has been used from the day after the baby left the hospital.

It is simple to use. The way the carrier has been designed is that it can be operated on your own and that it grows with your child. At the moment the baby is held on the front of the baby and they advise that this is the case for 12 months. At that stage is advised to go on the back.

It feels well constructed. The baby feels secure and content in the carrier. It can also be machine washed which is vital after outdoor hikes.

As well as using the carrier for going on walks, I have used it around the house to pacify the baby and it works. I think the baby prefers the great outdoors though, something I hope that carries on through her life.


So far, so good. Our baby is only 5 weeks old at the moment and I have used it several times a week after work to go round the local parks. on the weekend I have used the baby carrier for a few hours on a few larger walks. The way the BabyBjorn straps in various places has meant that it is comfortable to wear.

It has been fairly cold recently but the carrier acts as an additional layer of warmth to the baby. This is something I am mindful of with spring and summer approaching. It could get pretty hot with the close contact, we will need to keep an eye on the temperature.

One thing to note is that baby B absolutely loves being in the carrier. Whether it is the close contact or the position, it calms her down no end. In fact, every trip has resulted in a very sleepy baby.

I am a big convert to the baby carrying and prefer it over the pram to walking with the baby. I am looking for opportunities to go out for walking with baby B. It is a 5 out of 5 stars from me.


The BabyBjorn Carrier One Outdoors is available from Amazon.



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