About Dads Done It and Who Are We?


Gareth & Anthony 3 Peaks
Gareth & Anthony on top of Ben Nevis during 3 Peaks Challenge

Dads Done It is the thoughts of two dads on parenting. Between the two, we have had seven children currently ranging in age from newborn to seventeen. We thought we would share our experiences with others so they can relate to the situations as they go through different stages of parenting.


Originally we met at Nursery in the early eighties until we went to different schools. We met again at sixth form college and have been best mates since. With 2 wives, 6 daughters and a son between us there are plenty of stories to share.

Please remember that these are our thoughts and opinions and are by no means the concrete way of doing things as we are both far from perfect.

About Gareth

I have been married to my dazzling wife for ten years.  We have four children; 3 beautiful daughters and in 2016 we were blessed with the (unexpected) addition of a son.  There is never a dull (or quiet) moment!


I run (with my business partner) my own financial planning firm, and am a great advocate of financial discipline – you have to be when raising a large family.


I am a big sports fan and avidly follow the Welsh Rugby Team and Liverpool Football club.   I find that running and red wine are great stress relievers and enjoy both a great deal – although I do try to limit the wine to weekends!

Interesting facts about me:

  • I once put out a fire in a crowded bar
  • I have taken part in too many of Anthony’s Challenges

To get in touch email: gareth@dadsdoneit.co.uk

About Anthony

I’m married to a very laid back and understanding wife. We have had 3 daughters together. There is quite a large gap between my eldest who is 17 and our recent arrival. My middle child passed away at the age of 12 in 2016 and this has affected our family massively and I hope that some of the experiences I share may help others during the darkest of times. Please remember there are people out there who care and bereavement counsellors who can help.

I attended university a long time ago and have worked for the family business since. My escape is exercising and challenges (especially raising money for charity) and I coach and occasionally participate in Rugby. I support Everton(someone has to), love gadgets and dabbling with websites.

Interesting facts about me:

  • I’ve walked the length of Wales
  • I’ve bungee jumped from the Cleddau Bridge

To get in touch email: anthony@dadsdoneit.co.uk


Anthony- My Three Beautiful Daughters
My Three Beautiful Daughters